Diminishing Greatness

It is not too late to be about the business of our American aspiration. This is what PATRIOTISM is all about. This is what men and women have given their life for in service to this nation. The Beloved Community is what the American dream was about. But, we must not lose the profound wisdom from the Beloved Community throughout its history. Life for all is not free, neither is freedom nor integrity, nor authenticity. Now is a great time to be alive and to usher into history another story illuminating what it means to live profoundly on behalf of all.

One World House - Mark Davies


There are a number of things that have been great about the United States of America:

Social Security is great!

Medicare and Medicaid are great!

Having more people with affordable access to healthcare as opposed to fewer people is great!

A safety net for the poor is great!

Good public education for all is great!

Having excellent colleges and universities is great!

The Civil Rights Act is great!

The Voting Rights Act is great!

The American with Disabilities Act is great!

The Environmental Protection Agency is great!

The Clean Air Act is great!

The Clean Water Act is great!

A Clean Power Plan to protect a livable climate is great!

National Parks and National Monuments safe from corporate exploitation are great!

The Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution is great!

Having strong democratic allies around the world is great!

Caring about international human rights is great!

Standing up for journalists…

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