Envisioning a Human Community Institute

The research of the past twelve years by the Human Community Network was focused on two questions: One was identifying what people from all walks of life were thinking about systemic transformation, and two was discerning an undeclared emerging consensus coming out of their thinking. Given all of the complexity, chaos, and instability of our world, it is not surprising that the emerging consensus is calling for four things to happen: 1) healing of the human community; 2) connecting the human community; 3) preparing the human community for a systemic transition; 4) demonstrating the human community itself.

This emerging consensus has brought the Human Community Network to a new place in which it now must move beyond research to a three dimensional approach in its work. One dimension is in addressing the essential educational gaps in the human community. A second dimension is conducting research laboratories to drill down through the social process to identify and implement the social solutions essential for the continued life of the human community. The third dimension is grounding human consciousness within the existential situation of the human spirit. These three dimensions are the manifest methods necessary for healing, connecting, preparing, and demonstrating the human community, as opposed to the “economic – business community,” or the “ideological – political community,” or even the “theological – religious community.”

THE HUMAN COMMUNITY INSTITUTE (HCI) is an outgrowth from the work of the human community network and its past 12 years of research. It has three replicable components that can expand nationally or globally. 

1.   HUMAN COMMUNITY EDUCATION INITIATIVE (HCEI) – is addressing the educational gaps of the human community for people who want to learn but are without financial resources to do so.

2   HUMAN COMMUNITY RESEARCH LABORATORIES (HCRL) – are a series of LABS focused on each of the critical issues facing the human community beginning with a designed conversation to get input on a question that goes to the heart of that arena of concern. This conversation allows us to form an advisory team in each arena to drill down into the reality of that arena and determine the practical, sound, and durable solutions necessary with a strategy for how it gets done.

3.   HUMAN COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIOS (HCCS) – are to ground consciousness of the human spirit within the existential situation of the human community. This is done in three ways: independently, locally, and/or organizationally. These consciousness studios are resources for faith communities to provide solid theological education, define their role in social responsibility, and to access spiritual nurture to sustain the community over the long haul of its mission. 

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