The Human Community Network creates non-violent systemic change for a just and flourishing human and ecological community through collaboration, education, innovation, and action.

What We Do

The Human Community Network recognizes that sustainable change for a just and flourishing human and ecological community requires comprehensive systemic change. Yes it is possible! We are currently living within an unjust and unsustainable plan for systemic transformation. It is not for the common good, the human community, or the planet. We have to come together, work together, deliberate together to shift the arc of history toward the entire human community by bringing justice to the economic life we have in common, by recovering societal citizenship, and by unbinding human freedom, releasing the human spirit today.

The Human Community Network encourages, enables, and connects persons and organizations who understand that the only way to address the crises of our time is to transform economic, civic, and cultural systems. We recognize that challenges in the human community are connected to underlying systemic issues, and we seek to transform our social systems for a more just and flourishing human and ecological community.

Our Vision

The vision of the Human Community Network is to transform the images, thinking, values, and actions of society toward a more balanced and sustainable social process that functions for the benefit of all people and the well-being of the world on which all life depends.

Our Values

These twelve guiding values emerge and reflect themselves in and through all of the Human Community Network’s actions and strategies.

  • Stands for unity within social, religious, and cultural diversity as the only lasting basis for peace
  • Seeks a deeper understanding of what it means to be persons within community
  • Enables the awareness that life is authentically connected to faith traditions and other traditions that enliven the human spirit
  • Creates artistic expression of its past, present, and future
  • Flourishes when ecological systems are balanced
  • Redefines itself as a new form of community for a time of transition
  • Sustains itself with vigilance for a just and equitable economy for all people
  • Assures no person can be subject to slavery or entrapment
  • Works to see that complete medical care is accessible to all people
  • Provides excellent public education for all children
  • Secures safe, whole food production and clean water for all
  • Fosters engagement of all persons in a participatory political process.

The Human Community Network, Inc. is designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity. DLN: 26053629001306

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