A New Vision

The Human Community Network is about facilitating the emergence of a new vision in society that is already present but needs to be identified and articulated by persons within their communities. This can best be done when communities deliberate about their own concerns, issues, alternatives, strategies, and actions. But the real value in investing in such an effort is that this form of deliberation builds consensus and a new basis of trust within communities. It further establishes community solidarity that can provide the strength to address challenges for the long haul.

Forging awareness of the emerging vision requires continuing research and education in the effort to learn how we can work together for the systemic transformation of the human community. The intentional connection of groups, associations, and institutions in this migration to a new consciousness is a necessity along with the emergence of leaders who use methods and processes that contribute to the spirit of a global, interdependent human community. These are critical elements for the plausible transition towards a healing community for all persons. Let us be about this task of facilitating the emergence of a new vision, engaging in research and education for systemic transformation, and encouraging leadership for a transition to interdependent and healing global community.*

*Human Community Network, Collegium Consult of 2020

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