Next Steps: The Work of the Human Community Network

The Human Community Network is dedicated to healing the human community, connecting the community so it can work together, preparing for the historic transition that will be taking place, and demonstrating what the human community looks like when it is working together to answer questions, the answers of which are not yet known. These four arenas hold what the next steps of service are for the Human Community Network.

The primary destination of all these steps is to heal the human community. This ultimately culminates in bringing into being a policy formation task force that formulates policies in taxes, funding priorities, education, technology access, and identifying incentives to support the changes needed. A parallel step to this policy formation task force is to facilitate truth, justice, and reconciliation processes.

Secondly, we see four ways in which to connect the human community. These are: forming an ethical business council, creating a strategic partnership network, catalyzing community engagement avenues, and building community solidarity programs all of which come into being through all aspects of the community participating to forge an understanding of the existing consensus and amplifying it with the community as a whole.

Thirdly, undertaking the human community transition preparation, we will take the step of creating a social research nexus, a social planning nexus, a social resource hub, and development of models and curriculum as essential resources for the transition.

Finally, we will be demonstrating what the human community looks like when it is searching for practical solutions to its situation that is yet to have an operational answer to its issues. It will do this through a series of problem solving laboratories with communities and institutions. These labs will deal with the unanswered issues communities are facing, and then we will be setting up replicable pilot projects to learn how communities can bring about an effective transition concerning those issues.*

*Human Community Network, Collegium Consult 2020

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