The Strategic Framework: The Strategy for the Human Community Network

The Human Community Network, in light of the new directions necessary for the human community, has determined its own strategic framework capable of having the greatest impact in moving the human community in those new directions. There are five strategies that focus the energy of the Human Community Network.

1) The central strategy is to develop a consensus network in society. This strategy consists of three components: initiating a move toward a new social covenant, developing a consensus together, and amplifying the inclusive stories of human community.

2) One supporting strategy is engaging in primary research for sustainable economic options. The components of this strategy include multiplying community currencies, demonstrating a regenerative alternative economy, and re-evaluating work and value connection.

3) The second supporting strategy is grounding human community models of community life. This strategy includes constructing intentional community life housing, focusing on existing or created community models, and organizing community safety.

4) There are two additional supporting strategies that take form in developing new energy policy that includes re-designing the ecological approach through financial values.

5) The other strategy is establishing a learning environment within the human community that grounds comprehensive education.*

*Human Community Network, Collegium Consult of 2020

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