The New Directions: How the Human Community Addresses the Current Situation

The human community needs to move in four new directions in order to address the current situation and the underlying reality faced by humankind. These are: a systemic economic transformation, an understanding of the connection of the human community with the ecological community, focusing on the human factor, and a movement of social responsibility.

The first direction is a systemic transformation of the current economic system. This would be done by reconfiguring the global financial markets and forming a sustainable community economic base.

The second new direction is to understand the connection of the human community with the ecological community. This connection brings about a transition to alternative energy and a design for a comprehensive waste management system. This direction has profound implications for the economic, political, and cultural processes of the human community.

The third new direction is to bring about a sharp focus on the human factor. The main areas of this focus are developing community solidarity outreach, access to community food sources, basic and essential community services, and community education programs for all people in the community.

The fourth new direction is to catalyze a movement of social responsibility. This would include movemental working groups, development of intergroup consensus, an intentional artist collective, and establishing moral public values. These new directions inform what any organized body needs to incorporate its own strategic responses.*

*Human Community Network, Collegium Consult of 2020

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