The Current Situation: The Historic Reality in Which We Live

We are witnessing in our time three characteristics. The first is an environment in which the human factor is incapacitated in three ways: 1) There is an inequitable access to the essentials of life secured through work with a living wage; 2) There is deconstruction of the human capacity of adjusting due to an exploited criminal justice (or injustice) system; 3) There is also a continued narrowing of educational options for the populations.

A second characteristic of this current environment is the undermining of all social operational functions where the global systems are detrimental to the human community and disregard ecological alternatives as well as perpetuate an extractive form of economic domination. Another component of undermining social operational functions is the corrosive breakdown of civic order based on outmoded myth structures and a demagogic leadership style.

The third characteristic of the historic reality of our time is the destabilizing signs of emerging disruptions seen in various forms of social violence and the intentional irreconcilable polarizing isolation.*

*Human Community Network Collegium Consult of 2020

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