Human Community Network Gatherings

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The Human Community Network holds called gatherings for the ongoing work of systemic change for a more peaceful, participatory, and sustainable human community. Our gatherings are a time for creating transformative paths towards economic justice and care for the earth, civic participation, and diverse and inclusive community.

Each gathering includes refreshments, creativity, celebration, updates about projects for our human and ecological community in Oklahoma, and visioning for what Oklahoma can become if we work together strategically, systemically, and creatively.

Our Next Gathering titled “Coalition of the Underheard – Action Group Gathering” will be held on Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 10:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  at Oklahoma City University, Walker Center for Arts and Sciences, Room 140. Numerous organizations across Oklahoma have come together in a coalition to build a coalition for change. If your organization is not a part of this coalition please join us. The Human Community Network—Coalition of the Underheard is hosting this critically important event.

The primary focus of the September 8th gathering will be to work in action groups on the topics introduced in a panel discussion at our previous meeting. The topics are listed below:

– Creating a Citizen-based Electoral Redistricting Commission and the Initiative Petition to make it happen
– Rule by the Attorney General on Legality of an Initiative Petition title before starting to collect signatures

– Restoring the Gross Production Tax to 7% for General Fund Allocation

– Overview of State Question 640 and its future

– Ranked Choice Voting in Oklahoma

A detailed examination of these topics as well as the development of 2019 action plans in relation to each topic will be the focus of our Coalition gathering.

Note: The Coalition of the Underheard is not an effort to start another organization. It’s an effort to mobilize a voluntary network of established groups into a coalition that can deal more effectively with issues left underheard by the Oklahoma State Legislature.

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