Re-imagination of the Inclusive Social Fabric

Total Public Education – Student Focused

  1. Teacher vocation
  2. Learning environment
  3. Civics Curriculum
  4. Early child education

Symbolic Problem: Test Driven Teaching

Celebrate the Interdependent Community Presence

  1. Joint ventures
  2. Common engagement
  3. Common curriculum
  4. Integrated responses

Symbolic Problem: Religious Bigotry

Faith-Based Institutions -Recovered Missional Focus

  1. Laity understanding
  2. Clergy methods
  3. Focus institutions
  4. Social roles

Symbolic Problem: Institutional Protection

Social and Ecological Grounding of Academic Curriculum

  1. Methods curriculum
  2. Student engagement
  3. Common Curriculum
  4. Covenanted community life

Symbolic Problem: Subject Segmentation