Action Groups


The Human Community Network currently has three Action Groups that are focusing on projects that illuminate the systemic nature of the challenges facing Oklahoma.

Ecological Innovations: An Action Group focusing on developing ecological innovations and systemic change for a more sustainable Oklahoma.  In 2019, the Ecological Innovations group is focusing on enhancing urban farming and community gardens in Oklahoma, supporting renewable energy education and advocacy, and exploring ways to more effectively encourage the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to regulate Oklahoma industry in ways that will contribute to a more sustainable Oklahoma. We are also partnering with other groups bring awareness and action in relation to urgent challenges of our climate crisis.

Engaging Local Citizenry: An Action Group focusing on engaging local citizenry in systemic change for a more participatory Oklahoma. In 2019, the Engaging Local Citizenry action Group is working in partnership with the Coalition of the Underheard to explore the forces of systemic change in Oklahoma with emphasis on how we might employ the initiative petition process to address issues that are not being addressed effectively by the Oklahoma Legislature. The Engaging Local Citizenry action group is supporting statewide forums and initiatives to encourage voter participation, laying the groundwork to repeal State Question 640 (which requires 75% of both houses of the Oklahoma Legislature to increase taxes), encouraging the restoration of a 7% Gross Production Tax on oil and gas in Oklahoma, and exploring Ranked Choice Voting as a potential way of increasing voter participation and civic engagement. We also support the expansion of medicaid in Oklahoma as well as the creation of a bipartisan redistricting commission to address the problem of gerrymandering in Oklahoma.

Celebrating Interdependent Community: An Action Group focusing on systemic change to enhance and celebrate the presence and awareness of interdependent community in Oklahoma. This action group is working to implement projects to help develop intercultural and interfaith cooperation and service in Oklahoma. In 2019, this work continues through the exploration of creating an Interfaith/Intercultural Student Network at Oklahoma’s colleges and universities.

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